Slow Dog Movement Fan Calendar 2024 (US & CA)

Slow Dog Movement Fan Calendar 2024 (US & CA)

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This product is available in the USA and Canada. For Europe, Asia, Latin America, and Oceania, please choose this product

This is our second Slow Dog Movement 'fan calendar' featuring followers' dog photos for each month and #slowdogmovementphilosphy themes - from 'social eating' to 'balance'! Our co-director, Kath Hardington, came up with this idea last year and we have continued the tradition, hoping that our new 'print on demand' or POD version will be a success for our worldwide fan base!

Thanks to all of you who contributed your photos! If you're not in the 2024 calendar, watch our Facebook page and website for your chance to be in the 2025 version! 

What a wonderful way to celebrate the Slow Dog Movement and its followers, both two and four footed! Twelve months of full colour fan photos. Slow Dog Movement dogs and their guardians doing ‘showing the right thing’ and enjoying going SLOW.

Each month has a Slow Dog Movement philosophy theme. Contributors’ names are below:


Laura Dobb , Zane Margo Ozoliņa, Jayne Peters, Clare Froud


Jayne Peters , Zane Margo Ozoliņa, Patricia Almquist, Ασπασια Σκιαδαρεση


Gene De Bauw, Silke Strasser, Gill Clarkson, Zane Margo Ozoliņa


Madelen Elmen, Kirsty Falk, Okupa RC, Lisa Shannon


Cecilia Andersson, Gaëtane Grauwels, Bom van Heusden, Marion Franken


Aurélie Lille, Toni Sparkes, Nicky Barendrecht, Kylie Sheppard


Stacey Ann, Gene De Bauw, Cecilia Andersson, Kers Tin


Natasha Horne, Tanya Vishniakova, Ingrida Baltaitė, Laura Dobb


Aurélie Lille, Gwen Courbé, Kylie Sheppard, Zane Margo Ozoliņa


Jean Fitch, Lisa McKinnon, Stacey Ann, Kirsty Falk


Sanela Beganovic, Gene De Bauw, Lisa McKinnon, Gwen Courbé


Anita Swales, Toshie Nakazawa, Lisa Shannon, Yulia Verbitskaya

Product specifications:

The calendar is printed on 250 gsm / 100 lb semi-gloss silk paper. 

Wall calendar with hook:

  • One page for each month, one cover page and one back page, printed on double sides. 7 sheets in total.
  • Hook for easy hanging.